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BIS may refer to:
Bis may refer to:
  • In Latin, it means "twice" or "a second time". This is the origin of most of the following uses. This, in turn, may be derived from Etruscan.
  • Bis, a musical term and a little-used Interlingua word meaning "encore", "again", or "twice" (see Musical terminology#B).
  • Bis-, a prefix meaning "two" in some contexts of chemical nomenclature
  • bis, a suffix meaning "second version" (revision) of a standard (like the "V.32 bis" modem standard)
  • Bis or bi's, plurals of bi, short for bisexual
  • Bis (band), a Scottish pop band
  • Bis (magazine), a high-teens' magazine published by Kobunsha of Japan
  • bis - in Spanish and French cities, an address (street number) followed by "bis" refers to a second dwelling on the same street but located behind or aside the dwelling originally carrying that street number
  • The 14-bis was an early fixed-wing aircraft by Alberto Santos-Dumont. It was derived from his Number 14 airship.

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